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Parabolic SAR Indicator Guide: Best Settings & Strategies

Parabolic SAR

They are always present, though, which is why the indicator is called a “stop and reverse.” When the price falls below the rising dots, the dots flip on top of the price bars. SAR follows price and can be considered a trend following indicator. Once a downtrend reverses and starts up, SAR follows prices like a trailing stop.

The parabolic SAR is a technical indicator used to determine the price direction of an asset, as well as draw attention to when the price direction is changing. The Parabolic SAR is displayed as a single parabolic line (or dots) underneath the price bars in an uptrend, and above the price bars in a downtrend. The Parabolic Stop and Reverse, more commonly known as the Parabolic SAR, is a trend following indicator developed by J. Welles Wilder, trader, and analyst who created the relative strength index (RSI).

Lesson 12: Parabolic SAR

Moreover, the lower the acceleration factor, the less it will follow the price. On the other hand, the higher the acceleration factor, the Parabolic SAR closer to the price it will move. Therefore, increasing the factor increases the sensitivity of PSAR, while lowering it decreases it.

Parabolic SAR

SuperTrend is a bit late in determining changes of trend and not great and exit signals. So WonderTrend is a bit of both, a more stubborn PSAR, also a faster SuperTrend. The value of the parabolic SAR is directly tied to the strength of its trends. When this indicator illustrates strong trends for a currency pair, it’s a great tool that can guide your decision-making, especially in a volatile market. The parabolic SAR has exceptional value in helping you time your exit when trying to maximize your profit from any given position.

Average Directional Index (ADX indicator)

After some time, we see the CCI crossing the mark -100 (green circle). On the candlestick where this event took place, we take the profit at the level of the green line after the lowest price has been shaped. After getting a signal to sell, open a position at the end of the candlestick located opposite the Parabolic dot marked with a blue circle (blue line).

  • Assuming the price dips under the parabolic SAR, leave the long exchange.
  • The ADX reflects the strength of a trend but not its potential direction or momentum.
  • It may be useful to set appropriate stop-loss orders and take-profit targets.
  • Without a clear trend, the indicator will constantly flip-flop above and below the price.
  • The fast parabola breaks in the area marked with the green circle.

Learn more about the platform by registering for a free MT4 account. To change the technical indicator settings, hover your cursor over the chart and click on the indicator name in the upper left of the chart. Any of the strategies discussed can be used for a scalping strategy. As an example, let’s use the double strategy for a forex scalping trade​​. The longer timeframe is the 15 minute chart, and the lower timeframe is the one minute. From the 15-minute EUR/JPY chart, we can see that the trend is continually declining, based on the most recent parabolic SAR reading, for more than two hours.

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